Blogiversary/blogoversary? Hiatus, and life update

It’s been a year since I started this blog on August 25th, 2016! Honestly, I suck at creative writing and reviews so I don’t even know why I started this blog in the first place.

Anyways, since January, I’ve been on a hiatus and haven’t posted anything. I’ve been busy with piano, school and whatnot. I dislike school, but piano and music is the real source of my stress. I guess I should start working on my game reviews again since I’m less busy now (and my long awaited  part 2 of My Top 10 Anime! ).

Besides life and stuff, since the summer, I’ve been obsessed with a youtuber called Mumkey Jones. He’s not that popular yet but many of his videos have made me laugh out loud.  He calls himself an “anime connoisseur” and is a half-monkey half-human with severe depression. Some of my favourite videos from Mumkey include his Naruto review and his mailbag videos on his second channel. He has also written a novel called “The Triflers” which is about a school shooting told in different perspectives which I plan to read in the future. The premise sounds really similar to “Violent Ends” .

Stay tuned for future video game and book review! (or not)


Crystal’s 2016 In Review


I can’t believe it’s already 2017! Time flies by fast when you’re dead having fun!


Blog Stats

It’s already been 4 months since I started this blog on August 25th, 2016! During this time, Hooray for Something~  has gained:

  • 150 visitors

My most viewed posts were Game Review: Amnesia: Memories, and Game Review: Code: Realize ~Guardian of Rebirth~.

Blog plans for 2017

  • My Top 10 Anime! (Part 2)
  • Game Review: Norn 9:Var Commons
  • Game Review: Psycho-Pass: Mandatory Happiness
  • More anime and k-pop album reviews!

I’d like to thank Remyfool for nominating me for several Blogger awards. Thanks for making my year better! As well, if you play piano and love Love Live, check out my friend’s piano sheet music blog!



My taste in music has changed so much since the beginning of 2016! I hated rap a few months ago, but now I listen to it on repeat. As well, I don’t listen to j-pop and anime music as much as I did before. According to Spotify, my most played songs of 2016 were:

  • 4 Walls – F(x)
  • View – SHINee
  • Empty – WINNER


I month ago, I also discovered Korean R&B and Hip-hop. Recently, my favourite songs have been All I Wanna Do by Jay Park and Don’t Forget by Crush Ft. Taeyeon.


I finished several games on the PS Vita including:

  • Hakuouki ~Demon of the Fleeting Blossom~
  • Code; Realize ~Guardian of Rebirth~
  • Steins;Gate
  • Amnesia: Memories

Games that are in my backlog include:

  • Atelier Rorona Plus: The Alchemist of Arland
  • Fate/Extra
  • Dengeki Bunko: Fighting Climax
  • Psycho-Pass: Mandatory Happiness
  • Norn9: Var Commons

Games I plan to play in 2017:

  • Steins;Gate Zero
  • Fate/Extella
  • Collar X Malice
  • Bad Apple Wars
  • Hakuouki

In Love Live School Idol Festival I gained 60 levels. Since I don’t play in every event, my progress is considered slow. On the bright side, the scouting gods have finally heard my prayers! My scouting luck has improved greatly since the year before. Best scouts of 2016:


2. 2016-12-27-10-19-54

3. img_0498

4. img_0496

Regarding computer gaming, I tried League of Legends. It wasn’t as cancerous as I thought it would be.


2016 was a pretty bad year for anime, in my opinion. My favourite anime series of the year would have to be ClassicaLoid, Magical Girl Raising Project, and New Game! All of my irl friends are obsessed with Yuri! On Ice. I only watched a few episodes but I understand why it’s so hyped.



In 2016, I went to both Las Vegas and Honolulu for vacation! I also tried a Starbucks Frapuccino for the first time. As a person, I guess I’m much less shy compared to me in 2015. I can actually initiate conversations with people now! I also lost some friends and made new ones.


That’s it for 2016 (at the time of posting this it’s still December 31 where I live)! Happy New Year everyone!


One Lovely Blog Award!

Thank you Remyfool for nominating for another award (I probably don’t deserve this nomination since I don’t even post that much)! Remyfool mainly does episodic reviews on current yuri anime. Check out his lovely blog for yuri anime and visual novel reviews!



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7 Things about myself

  1. I dislike eating mushrooms. Cream of mushroom soup is actually pretty great though.
  2. Even though pink is my favourite colour, I wear a lot of black and grey!
  3. I never played Pokemon or Yu-Gi-Oh! as a kid and didn’t understand the appeal of it.
  4. I used to be obsessed with Avatar: The Last Airbender. I have watched every episode at least 4 times and own some of the comic books.
  5. When standing next to my sister, people often think that either I’m the older one or that we’re twins! Although we have a somewhat medium age gap.
  6. I took ballet for 8 years but somehow I can’t even touch my toes now! I also can’t do a cartwheel or somersault.
  7. Since it’s winter break, instead of being lazy, I have to practice piano and violin more than usual.


Just a Little Something

Otome Adventures

The Infinite Zenith


Just Something About LynLyn

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Blogger Recognition and Unique Blogger Award!

The awesome Remyfool nominated me for both the Blogger Recognition Award and the Unique Blogger Award! Thanks, a lot. Please check out his blog for your daily dose of yuri and anime! I’m too lazy to write separate posts so I’ll only do one post for both of them.

Blogger Recognition Award

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How my blog started

Initially, I made this blog to encourage my close friend in real life to share her great short stories and poems on her own blog. She did share some, but I ended up blogging more than her. As well, I intended to share my piano music sheets of covers that I would make of k-pop and anime songs, but, *ahem*, I never got around to making them.

Advice for new bloggers

I’m a new blogger too so I’m not qualified to give advice.

  1. If you want people to visit your blog, interact with other bloggers by commenting and sharing your thoughts!
  2. Have fun blogging about YOUR interests!

Unique Blogger Award


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Remyfool’s Questions

  1. Have you ever liked an unpopular character (in anime, film, novels, etc)? Which character earned your affection despite the masses’ low opinion of the character in question? Did you ever try to defend said character?  Kirino from Oreimo seems to have a lot of haters. I liked her but most people agree that she is an ungrateful bitch  sister to Kyousuke. I can’t really defend Kirino but I’m pretty sure we all know who the true worst girl is…
  2. Does the ends justify the means? No? I’m not even sure what this means.
  3. Say you are eating a bento that happens to have some of the things that you like. Do you save your favorite dishes for last or do you eat them first? I save my favourite dishes for last so I can savour the taste more.

My Questions

  1. What is your favourite Youtube channel/Youtuber?
  2. Have you ever been to a convention (ex. San Diego Comic Con, Otakuthon)? If yes, what was the best part about it?
  3. What do you hope to see in 2017?


My Nominations for the Blogger Recognition and Unique Blogger Award

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テイアラ reviews


Vermillion Dawn

Honey Milk tea Reviews

Just Something About LynLyn

Go check out the awesome blogs above!

It snowed a lot for the first time in a few years where I live. Apparently there’s going to be a snowstorm on Thursday night. I hate love walking home in the cold! I also started playing League of Legends recently… so there’s that.

Have a great holiday everyone! Thanks for reading!



My Top 10 Anime! (Part 1)

My Top 10 Anime! (Part 1)

I know top 10 lists are cliche, but what better way than a top 10 to share my favourite anime? Be warned, the millions of GIFs may cause your computer to lag.


10. WataMote: No Matter How I Look At It, It’s You Guys’ Fault I’m Unpopular! (Watashi ga Motenai no wa Dou Kangaete mo Omaera ga Warui!)

“I read in some book that sad and painful things are the spices of an enjoyable life… But I seem to get nothing but spices!”

Genre : comedy, slice of life
WataMote is about a girl who has social anxiety and her everyday life. From the embarrassing things the protagonist does and says, watching this anime will give you second-hand embarrassment. Although many people say that it’s too painful and awkward to watch, I thought it was hilarious.


9. Is the Order a Rabbit? (Gochuumon wa Usagi desu ka?)

“You get one cuddle per cup of coffee”

Genre : comedy, slice of life
A “cute girls doing cute things” anime, Is the Order a Rabbit? is set in a café in a small town. All the characters have contrasting personalities. I found Chino relatable because of her shy attitude, and Tippy, the angora rabbit, is just adorable. I loved the openings of the first and second seasons (ending 2 is overrated, in my opinion).


8. The Pet Girl of Sakurasou (Sakurasou no Pet na Kanojo)

 – “Being to recognize your own faults is a virtue.”

Genre : comedy, drama, slice of life, romance
The Pet Girl of Sakurasou is a rom-com set in an art school. The excessive fan service at the beginning of the series can be off-putting, but the character interactions and melodrama were interesting to watch. The last episode almost made me cry though (*the feels).


7. Fate/Zero

“I’m scared. Or should I borrow your words and say this is exciting?”

Genre : action, adventure
Finally – an anime that’s not from the slice-of-life genre! Fate/Zero was an amazing ride. Even the filler episodes were great to watch. Fate/Zero is set during the Fourth Holy Grail War. In the Fate/Stay Night franchise, the Holy Grail War is a battle royale where magi control “heroic spirits” and fight for the Holy Grail, which grants any wish. For an anime from 2011, the animation was also pretty great. The only thing I didn’t like was the character design of Caster – his bulging eyes were super creepy.


6. Hanayamata

“I think anyone can be dazzling if they try their best!”

Genre : comedy, slice of life
Like Is the Order a Rabbit, Hanayamata is another “cute girls doing cute things” slice of life but mostly set in school. It focuses on a yosakoi (a type of Japanese dance) club and the friendship of the members. The animation is really vibrant and the opening and ending theme are some of my favourite songs from anime (can’t get enough of those moe voices!).

Let’s hope that Part 2 of my top 10 anime list won’t be filled with more slice of life anime!

Unboxing and Album Review : TWICEcoaster LANE 1

Twice has gained an immense amount of popularity since their debut last year on October 16th. Two of their music videos, Like OOH-AHH and CHEER UP, have recently reached 100 million views.

TWICEcoaster : LANE 1 is their third mini album that features an autumn and amusement park theme.


1. TT – “Everyday I only imagine without asking, I talk casually and say your name- but we don’t even know each other”


When the teaser first was released, I was immediately hooked by the catchy intro and Nayeon’s “ba-ba-ba-baby”. I listened to the teaser over 10 times hoping that the full song would sound just as great. I was a bit disappointed that the chorus wasn’t anything similar to the intro but nevertheless, TT is a catchy song. It has a different vibe from their previous releases because of the minor-ish key and the retro-ness.

Although TT is catchy, there were a few things that I would change: Jeongyeon should’ve deserved more lines. Her voice was really good in the one line she had! Sana’s voice was somewhat annoying when she sang “nanananananana”. As well, the rap verse was more of a half-singing thing and compared to their previous title tracks, it didn’t have the “slay” as some people would say.

The music video was just perfect. Each member of TWICE was dressed in a different Halloween costume: Jihyo – snow queen, Nayeon– devil, Jeongyeon – Pinocchio, Mina – pirate, Momo – tinker bell, Tzuyu – vampire, Sana – superhero, Chaeyoung – mermaid, Dahyun – rabbit. I think Mina’s pirate costume was done really well.

2. 1 TO 10 – “1 to 10, my thoughts are full of you all day long”

Momo finally got more lines! 1 TO 10 is a slow paced song which would be also suited to a boy group.

3. PONYTAIL – “Don’t worry about your shyness as a main character of a fairytale”

With its guitar solos and riffs, PONYTAIL sounds like something you might hear in a shoujo or a slice-of-life anime like K-On!

4. JELLY JELLY “My heart is clear like jelly, what should I do? I can’t hide it”

I didn’t like JELLY JELLY as much as the other songs. Hearing “jelly jelly” repetitively can get annoying.

5. PIT-A-PAT “My eyes widened in a shape of a heart”

6. NEXT PAGE “I see you smiling at me like crazy, my heart is looking at you”

7. ONE IN A MILLION “One in a million, cheer up, you’re something special

While PONYTAIL sounds like something from an anime, ONE IN A MILLION sounds like something you might hear in Hannah Montana (there is actually a song called One in a Million from Hannah Montana)

Overall – 7/10

Listening to TWICEcoaster : LANE 1 it isn’t difficult to imagine a montage of an amusement park. Cotton candy, roller coasters, merry-go-rounds, animal suits – it’s all there. It seems like most of the songs in the album appear to be about crushes.


Thanks for reading!




Sunshine Blogger Award!

It’s an honour to be nominated for the Sunshine Blogger Award. Thank you RemyFool! Check out his great blog for your daily dose of yuri!



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Questions from Remyfool:

1. Coffee or tea? Tea! Every time I try coffee, I convince myself that it will taste better than the last time I tried it, but I always end up thinking it’s too bitter.

2. Pasta or rice? Pasta! I eat rice almost everyday for dinner so it’s a relief when I get something else to eat.

3. Would you rather be an idealist or a pragmatic person (wow, such good questions! Seriously, I’ll try harder but this is painful at 2 AM)? Pragmatic person? I admire people who have realistic ideals.

4. Would you rather kiss a unrequited crush on the lips or be allowed to slap someone you hate a single time with no retaliation? I’d be flattered that someone has a crush on me but I’d rather slap someone I hate just because I can.

5. Say you are suddenly are in charge of pressing the button that gives a lethal injection to a criminal. Do you press the button or do you live the rest of your life with the Monster Mash song stuck in your head? If it’s a criminal, I wouldn’t mind pressing the button…

6. Could you eat 50 McDonald’s Chicken McNuggets in one sitting? I’ve eaten 20 Chicken McNuggets once in a sitting.

7. How do you feel about Thanksgiving stuffing (okay, too many food questions. They are now banned)?  I’ve never tried Thanksgiving stuffing.

8.Would you rather be average at everything, or be peerless at one very specific thing but horribly subpar at everything else? Average at everything!

9. What’s your favorite season of the year? The summer because I get 3 months off!

10. What’s the most disappointing anime you’ve ever watched? The first few episodes of Sakurako’s Investigation were great but the series turned out to be a letdown.

11. How do you feel about rainy days? Rainy days are fine but I hate when the worms come out too.


Questions from me:

1. What album have you been listening to lately?

2. Skinny or flared jeans?

3. What is your favourite instrument (music)?

4. What city would you like to visit in the future?

5. Coke or Pepsi?

6. Would you rather have metal, or moe music stuck in your head for the whole week?

7. What’s your favourite manga?

8. What is your favourite show from your childhood?

9. What tips do you have for someone who is in high school?

10. What social media website/app do you use the most?

11. Opinion on Snapchat dog filter?




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Game Review: Code: Realize ~Guardian of Rebirth~

*spoiler free review


I bought Code: Realize last year at my local EB Games (Canadian version of GameStop) on October 24th. Four days after it came out on the NA Playstation store. It was the first physical PS Vita game that I had purchased for myself ($55 CAD!!) but it was totally worth it. However, it would have been nice if they had released a limited edition version with cool extras and fancy packaging.

I finally got around to finishing all the routes at the beginning of summer due to my laziness and procrastination (I was on Van Helsing’s route for 8 months!).

Code: Realize ~Guardian of Rebirth~  is a visual novel of the Otome genre released by Otomate in Japan in November 2014. Otomate have also released other popular otome games that were localised into English such as AmnesiaNorn9, and Hakuoki.

Synopsis from Playstation:

Restricted to an abandoned mansion on the outskirts of London in fulfillment of a promise to her father, lonely Cardia lives day to day isolated from the world. Her body carries a deadly poison that rots or melts anything her skin touches, prompting the locals to call her a “monster.”

Play as Cardia, a beautiful young woman whose poisonous touch means imminent death, and unravel the secrets of her past with the help of five charming guys!


Story – 8/10

The Victorian steampunk setting was really cool. There wasn’t much copy pasta and each route focused on a different conflict and antagonist.

There were many plot twists that I wasn’t expecting! I played Van Helsing’s route first because I thought it would be my favourite. Surprisingly, I enjoyed Saint-Germain and Impey’s route the most. Impey’s route was fun and a break from all the seriousness and Saint-Germain’s did the exact opposite. Van Helsing’s route was also pretty dreary.

My recommended play order : Impey Barbicane – Abraham van Helsing – Victor Frankenstein – Count Saint-Germain – Arsène Lupin (his route is unlocked when you finish the good endings of the other characters)

Characters – 7/10

Cardia was such a great heroine for an otome game. Many otome game MCs don’t have much of a personality or are a doormat but Cardia went from a lifeless doll to a strong woman. Most of the main characters are based on characters from classical literature with the exception of Saint-Germain being based on a real historical figure. The different routes include:

Arsène Lupin – the gentleman thief

Lupin had a strong sense of justice. I think he repeated that he was a “gentleman thief” over four times.

Abraham Van Helsing – the vampire hunter

His character was really focused on revenge.

Victor Frankenstein – the alchemist

Victor was really moe and cute but also strong at times.

Impey Barbicane – the inventor

In his route, it is revelaed that he is actually a vampire but they don’t elaborate much on that.

Count Saint-Germain – the wealthy and mysterious landowner

Saint Germain had a lot of self conflict which was interesting to see unfold.

Queen Victoria was also a strong and cool character. She as well had self-conflict in Victor’s route as one of the antagonists. Finis was pretty annoying.

Art – 10/10

Isn’t the art beautiful?


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Sound – 10/10

The soundtrack was really enjoyable to listen to. “Guardian of Rebirth”, “Bustling London Town”, “Beside you this Evening”, and “Splinter in the Heart” had great piano instrumentals.

The voice acting was great as usual. The voice actor of Victor was also the voice of Shin, from Amnesia which was interesting because of the characters’ contrasting personalities. Impey’s voice actor has also voiced Okita Souji from Hakuouki, one of my favourite characters.


Gameplay / System – 8/10

Code: Realize has the general visual novel gameplay: you are presented with different choices throughout the game which move the story along. One of the cool features about this game is that the start screen changes depending on what time of the day.

The platinum trophy for Code: Realize was pretty easy to get compared to Amnesia: Memories (what is with otome games and colons??). In Amnesia, it is required to complete the mini games, get all of the 16 bad ends, and most annoyingly of all, listen to all the voices in the CG gallery which took me an hour to figure out. For Code: Realize, there are no extra mini games and all you have to do is complete all the routes, CG gallery, and glossary.

Overall – 8.5/10

This game can be enjoyed by all genders as it mostly focuses on the adventure. There wasn’t enough romance for an otome game but it was still pretty fun to play.


Liebster Award!


Thank you for the nomination Remyfool! Please check out his awesome blog if for all things related to yuri!

Liebster in Geman has several different meanings including kind, lovelyz, sweet, etc. The Liebster award is awarded to bloggers who are new to the community and have less than 1000 followers. I have tried to nominate bloggers who have not been nominated yet or bloggers who I believe should deserve more followers.


Thank the person who nominated you and answer the 11 questions they’ve written for you.

Nominate 11 people and give them 11 different questions to answer.

Questions from Remyfool:

1. When (if ever) you wear a dress shirt, do you ever tuck it into your pants / skirt?

Yes. I believe dress shirts should be tucked in.

2. What’s your favorite anime ED?

My favourite anime ED is DAYS of DASH by Konomi Suzuki from the The Pet Girl of Sakurasou.

3. What’s your favorite fruit?

I don’t have a favourite fruit but I do like dragon fruit and kiwi.

4. Do you often skip breakfast?

I almost always eat breakfast. I usually have a toast with a glass of milk so that I have enough time to get ready for school.

5. Which fast-food joint do you avoid at all costs?

I don’t intentionally avoid certain fast-food joints but I haven’t eaten at Burger King or Wendy’s for a long time.

6. If you could have any superpower, what would it be?


7. What’s your favorite band / music artist / music circle?

I really like ClariS and Lovelyz!


8. If you could outlaw any holiday, which one would it be and why?

Valentine’s Day used to be fun in elementary school but now it’s just another holiday.

9. When was the last time you went trick-or-treating?

Last year (I’m not that old yet).


10. Quality or quantity?

Quality. I’d rather eat one amazing piece of cheesecake rather than 5 pieces of crappy cheesecake.

11. Would you rather be the funniest person in the room or the most intelligent?

Probably the most intelligent but it would be interesting to know how it feels like to be funny.











Zettai Renai!



Check out their awesome blogs!

Questions for the nominees:

1. What is your favourite anime ED/OP?

2. Have you ever been to Canada and what is your opinion on it (if you don’t live in Canada)?


3. If you are planning to dress up, what is your costume for Halloween?

4. Ramen or udon?

5. Have you skied on a mountain before?

6. What languages can you understand or speak?

7. Have you ever listened to k-pop?


8. Ice cream or frozen yogurt?

9. Favourite quote from a movie or television show?

10. Biology, chemistry, or physics?

11. What was your dream job when you were in middle-school?

Album review: Lovelyz8 by Lovelyz


Lovelyz8 by Lovelyz is a fresh and sweet mini-album. Released on October 1st 2015, it was the first comeback since debut with all 8 members including Jisoo hence the title “Lovelyz8”.

1. Welcome to the Lovelyz

Welcome to the Lovelyz is the intro. Despite being an instrumental, it is one of my favourite tracks in the album. I really adore how crisp the synths are and the clock ticking sounds. It ends with piano making it a nice transition to the next track.

2. Ah-Choo“My lips tickle, it’s hard holding back, Ah-choo~”

The title track starts off with a piano intro. The 80s synths are really prominent in Ah-Choo which I did not enjoy as much. The chorus really showcases the strong vocals of Lovelyz featuring Kei. The music video is really cute to watch and listening to the song feels like biting into candy.

3. Shooting Star (작별하나) – “I used to think we would last forever, but we’re slowly fading”


Shooting Star is a slow ballad about a breakup. It is a pre-release single which was released on September 15th. The title in Korean means “One Farewell” but was changed to Shooting Star for the English title. Instead of a piano for the intro, an electronic keyboard is used which creates a softer sound.

4. Hug Me – “It’s coming towards my eyes secretly, it’s melting into my sweet lips”


5. How To Be A Pretty Girl (예쁜 여자가 되는 법)  – “My charm’s secret hidden method”

How to be a Pretty Girl is my definitely my favourite track from the Lovelyz8 album. It is composed by Lee Jeereen from the band Humming Urban Stereo which is known for electropop music. It has a disco feel and the synths are toned down a bit compared to the rest of the album. Piano can be heard throughout the song. “All right, sweetheart”.

6. Sweet And Sour (새콤달콤) – “How long will it be till you hold my hand?”


7. Rapunzel (라푼젤) – “We fly in our dream under the gold shimmering dust”

Rapunzel seems to be a popular side track from Lovelyz but I found it my least favourite of the album. It has a more powerful melody than the rest of the album so I can see why other listeners would enjoy this more. The awkward pronunciation of Rapunzel and the English line “Don’t worry, this is a story of a girl named Rapunzel, here we go!” didn’t make me want to listen to it as much as the other songs.

Overall – 8/10


All the tracks on this mini-album are worth listening to. The album pictures and music videos are pretty to look at. Lovelyz’s music is quite different from other groups. They are not a girl group to be slept on!

Lovelyz8 marks the end of Lovelyz school trilogy.


This album was won from a giveaway hosted by LOVELYZ8 international Fanbase. Follow their twitter accounts @Lovelyz_8 + @ForLovelinus and sign up for their website for all things related to Lovelyz!